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Judging Teams Competes at District 9

The club’s horse judging team competed at the District 9 Contest on April 16.  The Intermediate team placed 2nd overall, missing first place by just 1 point.  Erin placed 5th overall as well as 2nd overall in reasons.  Ethan placed 6th overall.  Allison placed 7th overall as well as 2nd overall in performance. Sarah placed

April 12, 2016 Business Meeting Agenda

Call to order:                    Mady Pledge of allegiance:            TBT 4H motto and pledge:           TBT Inspiration:                     Savannah New member and/or guest introduction:             Leah Roll Call:                       Leah Officer Reports: Minutes:                  Allison Treasurer report:          Alyssa Old business: Member question:         Mady Horse Judging team:      Sarah will provide members an update on the judging team and contest results. 4H BBQ:                  Mady