January 12, 2016 Business Meeting Minutes

Opening Reports

  • The Waller County 4H Horse meeting was called to order by Mady at 7:12 PM on January 12, 2016 at the Field Store Community Center.
  • Tanner led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Adam Vance led us in the 4H motto and pledge.
  • Leah led us in the inspiration.
  • Leah took role call and introduced any new members.
  • Alyssa read the treasurers report
  • I read the minutes from the previous meeting.


Old business

  • Mady provided members with info on the club’s 2016 annual fundraiser, January 30-31.
  • Adam updated us on the fundraiser costs and requests that the club pay for these costs.
  • Alyssa provided us with info on the Fundraiser work assignments.
  • Kashleigh provided members insight from the club`s December community service project at the Brown house.
  • Alyssa provided members with info on obtaining club t-shirts.
  • Adam reminded us the importance of completing our record books.
  • Allison provided members an update on the Horse judging team


New Business

  • Mady reminded us of our expected conduct and dress at the fundraiser.
  • Leah reminder members of the list of food that is needed for the fundraiser concession stand.
  • Mady requested a raffle item from the club for the WC4H BBQ fundraiser
  • Mady asked for a motion to adjourn at 8.20 PM Adam Vance motioned and Ethan 2nd it and the motion was passed.