March 8, 2016 Business Meeting Agenda

Call to order:                    Mady

Pledge of allegiance:            TBT

4H motto and pledge:           TBT

Inspiration:                     Erin

New member and/or
guest introduction:             Leah

Roll Call:                       Leah

Officer Reports:

Minutes:                  Allison
Treasurer report:          Alyssa

Old business:

Member question:         Mady

Horse Judging team:      Alyssa will provide members an update on the judging
team and contest results.

4H BBQ:                  Mady will update members on her status as BBQ Queen

Club officer nominations:  Adam will inform members that want to run for club
officer what will be required of them.

Spring Trail ride:          Leah will provide members with info on the annual club
spring trail ride.May 14

New business:

San Antonio results:      Sierra will introduce all members who competed at the
San Antonio livestock show.

WCFair mud fest:         Haley will provide members with info on the Waller
County Fair mudfest.

District 4H show info:     Sarah will provide members with info on the District
9 4H horse show.

Community Service:      Mady will provide members with info on an upcoming
community service project.

Record books:            Erin will provide members with info on 4H record books.

County email news:       Savannah will verify with all members that they are
receiving emails from the club and county.

My Hero Ethan:           Adam will provide members info on Ethan Gunn.

Any other new business:      Mady

Adjourn:                      Mady will ask for a motion to adjourn.