November 14, 2017 Business Meeting Minutes

November Business Meeting Minutes

Sarah McFarlane

  • ●  The November business meeting was called to order by Madyson Guidry at 7:18pm at the Waller County Community Center.
  • ●  Tyler Yarbrough led the pledge of allegiance and Taylor McCurdy led the 4-H motto and pledge.
  • ●  Erin led the inspiration with a quote about courage from Winston Churchill.
  • ●  Erin also led the roll call and the new member and guest introduction. We had one new

    member (Madeline West).

  • ●  Sarah led the minutes and they were approved as read. Meagan led the treasurer’s report

    and it was also approved as read.

  • ●  In old business, Mady led the member question and proceeded to open the floor for

    awards and accomplishments. Four members were recognized for their awards.

  • ●  Mady gave info on the fundraiser rules and work assignments regarding no phones,

    purple shirts and the minimum number of hours you can work. Sierra gave info on the

    importance of sponsorships and what they cover.

  • ●  Sarah updated members on the arena meeting that was to be held in November.
  • ●  Meagan provided details on the Waller County Christmas parade that was held on

    December 2nd.

  • ●  Adam Vance gave his experience at the 4-H Leadership Lab and asked for

    reimbursement for the fee of $37.50. It was motioned by Stephen Gunn and seconded by

    Skylar Henderson. The motion passed.

  • ●  Members that attended One-Day 4-H gave details on the paper bags they sewed for kids

    in Waller that are in CPS custody.

  • ●  Haylee provided members with info on the Brown House community service project to

    be held on the 20th.

  • ●  The officers that attended Ag Day shared their experience teaching 4th graders about

    agricultural and how it helps us.

  • ●  Alyssa gave the dates of December 8th-10th for the Southern Classic: a clinic to be held

    to teach you all about how to do a livestock project.

  • ●  Mady opened discussion on the possible options for the club’s Christmas party. The club

    members decided on the Urban Air trampoline park.

  • ●  Lauren asked for continued funding for the liability insurance policy and the P.O box.

    The funding needed was $500 for the Insurance. Savannah motioned and Alyssa seconded it. The motion passed. The motion to spend $40 for the P.O box. was motioned by Haylee and seconded by Stephen Gunn. The motion passed.

  • ●  The motion to spend up to $12,000 for fundraiser expenses was also asked for. It was motioned by Tyler Yarbrough and seconded by Skylar Henderson. The motion passed.
  • ●  Ms. Christie talked about purple folders and how you need to be specific on the subject of whether or not your entry is 4-H related.
  • ●  Sierra shared the news about Grace Summers wellbeing and asked for members to pray for her and her family.
  • ●  Mady asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Julia Woulds motioned it and Taylor McCurdy seconded it.
  • ●  The meeting was adjourned at 8:19pm.