January 9, 2018 Business Meeting Minutes

January Business Meeting Minutes

~taken by Sarah McFarlane~

  • ●  The January business meeting was called to order by Mady at the Waller County Community Center on January 9, 2018 at 7:25pm.
  • ●  Ally McCurdy led the pledge of allegiance and Taylor McCurdy led the 4-H motto and pledge with Amanda Broadus.
  • ●  Haylee gave the inspiration.
  • ●  Erin called roll and introduced one new member to the club.
  • ●  Sarah read the past meetings minutes and the executive minutes and they were both

    approved as read.

  • ●  Meagan read the Treasurer’s report and it was approved as read.
  • ●  Mady led the member question and short after Alyssa updated the club on Grace

    Summer’s well being.

  • ●  Mady opened the floor for member accomplishments and two members shared the

    awards that they had earned in the past month.

  • ●  In the preparation for the annual fundraiser: Sierra went over conduct rules, Mady

    covered work assignments, Erin talked about sponsorships and Sydney discussed club


  • ●  Sarah updated members on the next meeting and upcoming contest for Horse Quiz Bowl.
  • ●  Erin talked about our horse judging team and gave details about the meeting schedule and

    upcoming contest held in Fort Worth.

  • ●  Adam Vance and Julia Woulds gave a recap of what happened at the Brown House

    Community Service Project and the fun that was had.

  • ●  Stephen Gunn and Tyler Yarbrough provided the highlights from the club’s Christmas

    party held at the Urban Air Trampoline Park.

  • ●  Madelynn West, our BBQ queen candidate, updated the club members on upcoming

    tickets that were available starting February 2nd. She also requested an item for the BBQ raffle. It was decided that Mr. Broadus would donating a fishing rod and reel for the BBQ raffle.

  • ●  Mady mentioned the nominations for our clubs scholarship committee and Meagan Broadus read a letter from recent 2017 graduate Adam McFarlane detailing his thanks for the scholarship.
  • ●  Mady asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting and Tyler Yarbrough motioned it and Taylor McCurdy seconded it. The motion passed.
  • ●  The meeting was adjourned at 8:07pm.