December 12, 2017 Business Meeting Minutes

December Minutes

Taken by Sarah McFarlane

  • ●  The December business meeting (held on the 12th) was called to order by Madyson Guidry at 7:14pm at the Waller County Community Center.
  • ●  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Stephen Gunn.
  • ●  The 4-H motto and pledge was led by Skyler Henderson and Madelynn West.
  • ●  Alyssa gave the inspiration.
  • ●  Erin called roll, there were no new members.
  • ●  Sarah gave the November minutes and they were approved as read.
  • ●  Meagan gave the Treasurer’s report and it was also approved as read.
  • ●  Mady lead the member question and then opened the floor for member accomplishments.
  • ●  Mady gave info on the fundraiser rules and work assignments regarding no phones,

    purple shirts and the minimum number of hours you can work. Erin gave info on the

    importance of sponsorships and what they cover and club shirts.

  • ●  Sarah updated members on the Horse Quiz Bowl contest to be held in January and asked

    for a motion to spend $180 on entry fees. It was motioned by Erin and seconded by

    Skylar. The motion passed.

  • ●  Erin provided info on horse judging and shared results from the horse judging contests

    held in Bryan and Montgomery.

  • ●  Lauren updated members on the upcoming arena meeting.
  • ●  Lauren and Sarah and the rest of the members that went to the Christmas Parade gave

    their experience and highlights from the parade. The club thanked Ms. Alvarado for the

    donation of candy to give to parade spectators.

  • ●  Haylee gave information on the Brown House Christmas Caroling Community Service

    project that was held on December 20th at 5pm.

  • ●  Alyssa talked about the club’s Christmas party that was held December 22 at Urban Air

    Trampoline Park from 12-3pm. Alyssa asked for a motion to spend $240 for the first 10 kids and $18 for any additional kids. Tyler Yarbrough motioned and Hunter Brzymialkiewicz seconded. The motion passed.

  • ●  Sydney asked for a motion to spend $225 to renew the club website. Skylar Henderson motioned it and Julia Welds seconded it. The motion passed.
  • ●  Mady opened the floor for BBQ Queen candidate nominations and gave the rules of the contest. Madelynn West and Haylee Nesbit were nominated.
  • ●  Mady asked for a motion to spend $150 on a raffle item. Tyler Yarbrough motioned it and Aubrey Alvarado seconded it. The motion passed.
  • ●  Mady asked for the two BBQ Queen nominees to please come up and give speeches for the election of our club’s BBQ queen candidate. After Madelynn West and Haylee Nesbit gave their speeches, the club voted for Madelynn West to be our BBQ Queen candidate.

● Mady asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Joliee Summers motioned it and Julia Woulds seconded it. The meeting was adjourned at 8:09pm.