September 12, 2017 Business Meeting Minutes

9/12/17 Minutes

~taken by Sarah McFarlane~

  • ●  The meeting was called to order at 7:10pm at the Waller Community Center by Sierra Malone.
  • ●  The pledge of allegiance was led by Emma Hartley and the 4-H motto and pledge by Skylar Henderson.
  • ●  The 2017-2018 Officer Installation took place and was led by Mady.
  • ●  The inspiration was said by Lauren.
  • ●  Erin gave the roll call and new member or guest introduction. We had 2 new members.
  • ●  Sarah read the minutes and they were approved as read.
  • ●  Erin gave the Treasurer’s report and it was also approved as read.
  • ●  Mady led the member question. We played the game two truths and a lie.
  • ●  Haylee provided information on how Ethan Gunn was doing.
  • ●  Mady invited all members who had won an award in the past month to come up and


  • ●  Erin provided the start time and place of the WCF Parade held in September.
  • ●  Mady led the awards recognition of members who turned in their purple folders.
  • ●  All members that attended the 4-H Banquet came up and shared their experience.
  • ●  Lauren provided info on her work efforts at the animal shelter.
  • ●  Sarah provided members with information on arena meetings.
  • ●  Allison McCurdy updated us on the ongoings of Youth Council.
  • ●  Sierra asked if any members needed help after Hurricane Harvey.
  • ●  Mrs. Guidry announced this year’s fair auction add-on rules and Ms. Christie asked for

    all fair sign orders to be put in.

  • ●  Mr. Stokes talked about how the Horse Judging team members were the officials at the

    WCF progress show.

  • ●  Alyssa asked for $150 to donate a buckle for the horse show at the fair. Lauren motioned

    it and Savannah Malone seconded it. The motion passed.

  • ●  Ms. Lawson asked for a show of interest in arena meetings.
  • ●  The meeting was adjourned at 8:13pm; motioned by Ally McCurdy and seconded by

    Hunter Brzymialkiewicz. The motion passed.